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If God gave report cards, what would your grade be?

May 28, 2010

Schools are letting out for the summer. My wife Joyce is a bookkeeper at an elementary school. I think she is as excited as the kids about having some time off. The end of school, however, can be traumatic for those kids who are concerned about passing or failing a class. No one wants to “fail” and repeat the same grade next year

I was glancing through the Western Recorder newspaper from Kentucky this week and a headline caught my eye. It read: “What if churches sent report cards?”

I take that a step further. What if God sent report cards?

That’s a scary thought. As Christians, we sometimes probably grade ourselves higher than we deserve. What would happen if God graded us on these areas of our Christian life: Commitment to Him, Prayer, Service/Ministry to Others, Evangelism?

Would we get a high grade or would we barely get by with a “C-”? Worse yet, would we have a “D” or an “F”?

While we can be grateful that God doesn’t “grade” us now, keep in mind we will be accountable one day when we stand before His throne in heaven. That thought alone should inspire us to strive for “As” as we serve Him in our daily life.

Good choice

May 24, 2010

The board of directors of the Tennessee Baptist Foundation made an excellent decision last week when they named Gary Coltharp as president/treasurer-elect. Coltharp, who has been on the staff of the Foundation for 12 years, is well qualified to succeed William L. “Bo” Childs who will retire Oct. 31. Coltharp knows Tennessee Baptists and he knows the ministry of the Foundation. They are a good fit for each other. Full details of Coltharp’s election on May 21 can be found in the May 26 issue of the Baptist and Reflector.

Hello Blog World.

May 19, 2010

Just a quick note to let you know I have entered the blogosphere. Hard to imagine for someone who began his journalistic career using a manual typewriter in the news rooms at the Southern Baptist Convention annual meetings in the early 1980s. I thought I was doing great when I graduated to an electric typewriter. Now I wonder how I ever wrote a story without a computer and spell check.
I plan to use Twitter and this blog to enhance the services provided by the Baptist and Reflector. One disadvantage of a weekly, printed newspaper is that we cannot be as current as we would like. Now, using the new social media, we can inform people of news quickly. We will still rely on our print issue for more thorough, in-depth articles and features.