Ready for summer

It has been a cold, cold week in Nashville.

Snow that fell on Monday is still visible on many yards, especially those that do not get direct sunlight. But even with the sun, snow is unlikely to melt when the temperature doesn’t get above 30 degrees.

As a youngster I remember hearing my grandparents and other elderly folks talk about how they were affected by the cold weather. For instance, they seemed to ache more in the winter time. I used to laugh (to myself of course) and think they were imagining it. But by the same token, I remember my grandfather, “Pop,” always seemed to have an extra spring in his step once the cold weather moved out and he could get outside and work in the warm weather.

Now, I guess I am an “old folk.” The phrase “bone-chilling” cold has a new meaning for me. I do seem to move a little bit slower when it is so cold outside. The muscles seem to ache just a bit more than they did in cold weather 25 years ago.

But the good news is that God gave us seasons for a reason. Spring and summer are coming. I, for one, am ready!

One Response to “Ready for summer”

  1. don smith Says:

    Good stuff – thks 4 sharing your wisdom with us friend

    Blessings 2 u + your family

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