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Praying for a legend

May 13, 2011

Baptist Press ran a story about Billy Graham (posted below). He was admitted to the hospital earlier this week and was diagnosed with pnemonia. I urge everyone to pray for this Christian statesman.

Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I think we forget to pray for those who seem larger than life. But, the fact remains, Billy Graham needs prayer just like you and me.

May we never forget that. No one is exempt from the need for prayer, not even Billy Graham.

Here’s the story from the May 12 Baptist Press release:

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Evangelist Billy Graham was admitted to the hospital Wednesday morning (May 11), has pneumonia and is listed in fair condition, according to a hospital press release.

Graham, 92, “had a comfortable night and was able to sleep well,” his nurses reported Thursday, according to the statement from Mission Hospital in Asheville, N.C., which is near his Montreat, N.C. home.

Later Wednesday, the hospital released another statement, saying Graham’s temperature remains normal and his “congestion is clearing in response to antibiotic treatment.”

“Mr. Graham remains in good spirits and continues to make progress during his stay,” the afternoon statement read. “He resumed a normal routine today, getting up for all of his meals, and completing a light therapy program.”

Graham’s doctor, Shaw C. Henderson, confirmed that the evangelist does have pneumonia, which the initial tests Wednesday indicated. No discharge date has been set.

“During his stay, Mr. Graham has engaged in watching television and joking with hospital staff,” a hospital statement read.

His oldest daughter, Gigi, visited him Wednesday night, and his pastor — Don Wilton of First Baptist Church in Spartanburg, S.C. — visited him Thursday morning.

Graham’s organization released a statement Wednesday, quoting him as saying, “I am doing better with each passing hour, and I am grateful for your concern, and send in return my appreciation and love for you all.”

And I paid to do it

May 2, 2011

On Saturday, April 30, I walked a half-marathon (13.1 miles) in the Country Music Marathon and Half-Marathon held in Nashville.

It was the second year that I have done so. You would think I would have learned my lesson last year.

Last year’s half-marathon was an event. I walked with some close friends from my church. We endured rain, lightening and some pretty bad weather in general. Our time was not all that great.

The competitor in me decided I needed to do it at least one more time to see if I could improve my time. So I began walking five or six miles at a time in order to prepare for the half-marathon.

I was sharing my plans with some others at church recently. One my them was Butch Duty, one of my long-time friends and mentors at Tulip Grove Baptist Church. Butch and his wife, Corrie, were our first Sunday School teachers at Tulip Grove more than 20 years ago. I respect him as much as anyone I know. Butch, however, is not much on walking. We always kid about walking nine holes of golf. Butch doesn’t believe you can play golf without riding a cart.

Anyway, he looked at me when I told him I was going to walk 13.1 miles and said, “And you paid to do it?”

I looked at him a bit sheepishly and admitted I that I did.

As I was nearing the 10th mile on Saturday, I was beginning to acknowledge Butch was right. I was crazy. The temperature was nearing the high 70s and my body was beginning to ache. And all that time Butch’s question was playing like a continuous loop in my mind: “And you paid to do it?”

To make a long story short, I did finish the race and I had a much better time than I did last year.

Butch may have been right. I must have been crazy to put my 53-year-old body through the stress. And I did pay to do it. But once it was over, I did feel a sense of accomplishment. And who knows, I may even do it again next year if I get over this year’s aches and pains. One good thing about getting older is that I probably will forget how much it hurt by the time next year’s race rolls around!