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Back in the Saddle Again

October 26, 2011

I am embarrassed. I have written that I will blog regularly (which means to me at least once a week), yet I have not done so in several weeks.

We all have time constraints, so “too busy” is not a good excuse.

I have made an “October’s Resolution” (New Year’s is too far away) to write at least a weekly blog. I ask for people to hold me accountable if I go more than a week without a new posting.

Just so you know I have not been completely lazy, we have been busy the last few weeks, introducing the online version of the Baptist and Reflector. We hope you enjoy it along with our print version. Keep in mind that our print version drives the online, so keep those print subscriptions coming in!

My weekly (at least it needs to be) blog and my Twitters are designed to keep the Baptist and Reflector more relevant. Feel free to send me any suggestions of how I can do this better to

Meanwhile, I am “back in the saddle again.”