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Celebrate reading God’s Word

February 17, 2012

Been interesting to see some of the reaction to a decision made earlier this week by trustees of LifeWay Christian Resources.

Trustees chose not to heed a non-binding resolution passed last summer by messengers to the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention held in Phoenix. The resolution asked LifeWay stores to stop selling the 2011 NIV Bible because of perceived errors in language about gender.

Trustees appointed a committee to study the matter and the committee, after careful research, recommended they continue selling the NIV in its stores. The entire trustee body agreed.

As trustee Adam Greenway of Kentucky said, they are not “endorsing” the NIV over other versions. As an entity which operates bookstores all over the country, they are simply including it among the many other translations they carry. The ultimate decision to buy or not falls to the purchaser.

I have no problem with the trustees’ decision. Southern Baptists (and all Christians) will never agree on what translation is most accurate.

Let’s celebrate the fact people are still buying Bibles and reading God’s Word.