The necessities of life

We all know that food, water, clothing and a place to live basically comprise the necessities of life.

We all have to eat and drink. We all need clothes to wear and a place to provide us shelter from the elements of nature.

Selfishly, I have added something else to that list of necessities — air conditioning.

The necessity of air conditioning has become all too apparent in the last week or so as temperatures have been unseasonably hot. The weather forecast today is calling for temperatures near 90 degrees later this week. That’s hot anytime. It’s especially hot for the first part of May.

Anyway, the air conditioning in my truck has gone out. Nothing like riding down the road with the windows up and 90 degree air blowing in your face. At first I was going to “rough” it. Surely I could get by without air conditioning for an hour or so a day while I was driving. Just roll down the window.

That worked for a while but the hotter it is getting, the more I want my good cold air conditioner to work. So, I broke down and have taken it in for repair. Call me a wimp if you like, but at least I won’t be a hot wimp.

In the grand scheme of life I know air conditioning is not really a necessity, but it is nice to have.

I am blessed to have a God who takes care of my necessities and who reminds me not to worry about them.

And, if you ever get confused about the necessities of life, read Matthew 6:25-34. Those verses are a good reminder for all of us.

3 Responses to “The necessities of life”

  1. Sharon Says:

    I thank God for Air conditioning everyday.

  2. steve1atwood Says:

    Suppose we can thank Willis Haviland Carrier for the modern home AC. Like most things he did this on the backs of James Harrison and he on Michael Faraday. Yes refrigeration has changed our lives. I remember going in to town and one of our stops was the meat locker to get the meat that had been killed on the farm during the winter and frozen for later at the meat locker. It was so cold there and I was fascinated by how hot it could be outside and so cold in the meat locker.

  3. Paul Says:

    I love the fact that my loving Heavenly Father supplies not only all my needs but most of my wants (A C included).

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