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An insane world

June 28, 2012

We all have heard of frivolous lawsuits. Let’s face it, if you buy a cup of hot, steaming coffee and spill it on yourself you will get burned. I don’t think the cup of coffee needs a warning label, but apparently some people need to have it.

Frivolous lawsuits, however, are becoming more and more a part of today’s cultural mentality of “it’s all about me. Let me get all I can get.”

But a recent lawsuit filed by a woman in New Jersey tops the list of absurdity.

This woman has filed suit against a 13-year-old boy, who at the age of 11, threw a ball that went over the fence and struck the woman in the face. TWO YEARS ago and now she is filing a lawsuit for $500,000 for “damages for permanent injury she has suffered,” according to a news report filed June 22 by

It’s sad that the lady was injured. But to sue a teenager who was just 11 when the ACCIDENT happened is ludicrous.

I have been around youth baseball most of my life. I have dodged throws from 11-year-olds as well as players of all ages. Typically, you would want them to throw at you on purpose because they rarely hit their target. I am much more concerned about what can happen when they are aiming at something else. In my experience, that’s been when I get hit or almost hit.

It’s a sad commentary on society when a grown woman has to resort to suing a 13-year-old for an accident. We all know that ultimately this will be handled by the attorneys and insurance company.

It’s just too bad that a Little Leaguer who only wanted to play baseball has to be used as a pawn.

We truly are living in an insane world.

A resolution to end resolutions

June 13, 2012

The annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention will be held next week in New Orleans, La.

After reading a Baptist Press story in the June 12 posting about resolutions I am tempted to propose a resolution at the convention that we ban resolutions. Notice I use the word “tempted.” I will refrain from doing so.

Southern Baptists are free to discuss whatever they want, but I feel that in the past Southern Baptists have spent too much time debating resolutions. After all, resolutions are NON-BINDING. Southern Baptists or churches are not compelled to follow any resolution passed at an annual meeting. Yet, we still submit and debate resolutions year after year as if they are an addition to the “gospel.” Often, the debate on resolutions garners the most media attention, taking the focus off things that really matter.

I won’t comment on the merits of each resolution that is to be presented. Just looking at the titles though, there probably will be plenty of discussion and disagreements over those that have been proposed.

My prayer is that Southern Baptists will have an impact on the city of New Orleans through our actions as we try to be salt and light in this city. I am not convinced that debating non-binding resolutions will help us do that.