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Kudos to postal service

December 5, 2012

As editor of a publication that depends on timely mail delivery, I admit frustration with the United States Postal Service on countless occasions.

One of my most frequent complaints about the paper is late delivery. That is the one complaint that literally is out of my control. The paper is printed and mailed the same time every week. Yet, delivery often is sporadic at best (depending on where you live). Some locations receive excellent delivery while there are other areas in the state where the paper is seldom delivered on time.

We are blessed to have a printer (Franklin Web) that works closely with post office officials to improve delivery in those areas.

This week, however, I have nothing but praise for the post office.

I bought some stamps (yes, I am one of those dinosaurs who still use snail mail) and was pleasantly surprised.

The stamp depicted the “Holy Family” and actually used the word “Christmas.”

In a society where it is not always politically correct to say “Merry Christmas,” it was refreshing to see a government entity actually use the word “Christmas.”

I don’t usually “advertise,” but it may be prudent to stockpile some of these stamps. The way things are going in our society today, it wouldn’t surprise me to see someone complain about the stamp and threaten to sue if the stamp is not removed from circulation.

In the meantime, let’s take advantage of the opportunity we have to depict the true meaning of Christmas on our cards and letters.