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Calling His Servants Home

July 23, 2013

Since joining the staff of the Baptist and Reflector in 1988 I have had the privilege and joy of becoming friends with numerous pastors and laypeople throughout Tennessee.

Two of those friends were Raymond “Buddy” Boston and Ray Fowler. Both men served several churches in Tennessee but Buddy was at First Baptist Church, Dyersburg, for nearly three decades while Ray was known most for his leadership at Highland Heights Baptist Church in Memphis.

Last week I learned that both Buddy and Ray had passed away. Ray died a few weeks ago while Buddy died on Friday, July 19.

Both men were outstanding pastors who shepherded their flocks and loved their people. It was evident. Buddy and Ray also had a heart for the denomination they loved and it showed. They gave tirelessly of their time, driving hundreds of miles each year to carry out their responsibilities while serving as members of the Executive Board of the Tennessee Baptist Convention and in other roles as well.

Many Tennessee Baptists, including myself, were blessed by the ministry of Buddy Boston and Ray Fowler.

Pray for their families in the days ahead. They will be missed by all who knew them.

Patience and traffic jams

July 8, 2013

Traffic jams. We all hate them.

As I have traveled all across Tennessee the past 25 years, there is no telling how much time I have spent on the Interstate, caught in a traffic jam.

Hopefully, as I have matured, I show a little more patience than I once did.

Trust me though. There are still thousands upon thousands of impatient drivers in Tennessee (and every other state) as well.

Last Saturday I was on my way home on Interstate 40 near Donelson Pike in Nashville when traffic began to slow. Fortunately I was almost at my exit. As I exited I was amazed at what I saw. Cars were turning around on I-40 and returning the wrong way on the exit ramp they had just left. And those that were not going the wrong way were backing up on the ramp. Cars from Donelson Pike (unaware of the traffic jam) were getting on the ramp. I was holding my breath waiting on an accident. I don’t know if one occurred but the impatience of drivers could have led to someone getting seriously hurt or even killed.

We all have things to do and places to go, but sometimes we need to simply have patience and use some common sense.

As I was reflecting on the weekend event I was looking up some quotes on patience in The New Encyclopedia of Christian Quotations.

An old Dutch proverb summed it up well. “An ounce of patience is worth a pound of brains.”

Driving the wrong way on an exit ramp is not very smart no matter how rushed you might be.

All of us would do well to exhibit more patience, not only on the highway, but in every area of our lives.