Allowing values to erode

Todd Stinnett, a pastor friend in East Tennessee, sent a link to a story about Moody Bible Institute yesterday. The article was surprising to say the least.

Trustees of Moody Bible Institute, a traditionally conservative Christian school in Chicago, voted to lift a provision which bans faculty and staff from drinking alcohol. Previously, any staff or faculty member (and student for that matter) had to agree not to drink alcohol, smoke, or have extramarital sex. The no drinking ban still applies to students.

The reason for lifting the drinking ban for faculty and staff only? The article said the “old, restrictive rules made it more difficult to recruit faculty members and staff.”

Here is yet another example of Christians “caving in” to cultural demands and allowing our values to continue to erode.

The trustees should be ashamed of themselves. I wonder how they can look students on that campus in the eye and defend what they did. It’s the old “do as I say, not as I do” rationale parents have given to their children for years. Children don’t understand it and neither will the students at Moody Bible Institute. If it is worth being a value for some of the folks, it’s worth being a value for everyone.

When Todd sent out the link, he posed this question, “Are Christians transforming the culture, or is the culture transforming Christians?” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that culture is indeed transforming Christians.

Christians are supposed to be “salt and light” in the world today. Actions like this make the salt lose its flavor and the light go dim.

3 Responses to “Allowing values to erode”

  1. Todd Stinnett Says:

    Thanks for bringing attention to this Lonnie. I think you summed up the issue very nicely. Becoming more like the culture around us is not helping us to win them for Christ. If the unchurched want something like themselves, they can go to a bar to find it. I believe many are looking for something different, but as they look to the church and our religious institutions they simply aren’t finding it.

  2. Proud of Young Pastors Standing in the Gap! | Mike Boyd Says:

    […] […]

  3. Michael Julian Says:

    It’s clear we are in a cultural war. But the battle zone for that war is the human heart. The rise of spiritual idolatry alarms me. We are sacrificing too many things upon the altar of self, instead of sacrificing ourselves upon the altar of sacrifice. We need a renewed sense of zeal for God’s holiness, much like Phinehas had when the plague was stayed among God’s people as a result of his actions. We need to bask in the totality of our salvation, being renewed day by day. A renewal characterized by an intense repetitive freshness of God’s spirit. O Lord, lead us ever onward and upward.

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