Surviving Thanksgiving

Surviving Thanksgiving used to mean not gaining 10 pounds after a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and three days of leftovers.

Today, however, surviving Thanksgiving has taken on new meaning. Unfortunately, it’s a sad commentary on society.

There were several stories in the national media last week regarding actual fights taking place in malls and national chains such as Walmart. There were reports of people being stabbed or shot in addition to the actual fist fights. One of the saddest reports was that of a mother spitting on another woman’s child while fighting over baby clothes.

It seems to get worse every year. I remember going to a store when my children were much younger and almost getting run over by a shopping buggy pushed by a woman wearing a Christian T-shirt. I thought that was bad, but that was minor compared to today.

Greed has surpassed common sense in our society. A $99 32-inch television is just not worth risking your life over or going to jail.

Sadly, nothing will change until we stop focusing on the season itself and return our focus to the Reason for the season.

In the meantime it might be wise to “survive” Thanksgiving by simply staying out of the stores.

One Response to “Surviving Thanksgiving”

  1. Walter Grubb Says:

    You said it well, Lonnie!

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