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Sad comments

January 22, 2014

It is a sad commentary on society when the president of the United States publicly states that an illegal drug (at least in 48 states) is no worse than alcohol.

President Barack Obama’s comments about marijuana were published in the Jan. 27 issue of The New Yorker and were released this week. He admitted to using marijuana as a “kid” and said he views it as “a bad habit and a vice.”

I view it as illegal. And until it is made legal in all 50 states, no political leader, regardless of party, should dismiss it simply as a vice.

We live in such a hypocritical society. Society, in general, condemns smoking cigarettes. But, it’s okay to smoke marijuana? It’s no wonder that morals are on a decline in our nation. Our younger generation is confused by the mixed signals.

As to whether marijuana is “no worse than alcohol,” that’s up to debate. If you use too much of either item, it impairs your thinking and potentially endangers others.

One Tweet from Jim Richards in Texas summed it up well: “I would say rattlesnakes are no worse than copperheads.”

The best solution is to keep marijuana illegal.

Can’t go wrong with prayer

January 8, 2014

No matter what you do in your personal life, you simply can’t go wrong if you start with prayer.

The same holds true for the Tennessee Baptist Convention. TBC Executive Director Randy C. Davis had a vision of “Praying Across Tennessee” in 2014.

The trek across the state was supposed to have started on Monday, Jan. 6, but dire predictions of bad weather forced the postponement of the first rally that was to have been held in Sevier County at First Baptist Church.

But the next two rallies on Jan. 7 in Dickson and Montgomery Counties were well attended by people genuinely interested in praying for their communities and state. Approximately 100 people attended the rallies at the Courthouse in Charlotte and at First Baptist Church, Clarksville.

Rallies also were held on Jan. 8 in Stewart, Houston, and Humphreys Counties.

What a great way for the state convention to begin the year. By year’s end, a prayer rally will have been held in every county in the state.

Bro. Randy has a heart and passion for the lost in Tennessee. Nearly 3.65 million of the estimated 6.2 million who live in the Volunteer State have no relationship with Jesus Christ. That has to change and the prayer rallies are an attempt to turn the tide.

Each rally began with the ringing of the Salvation Bell, a church bell on loan to the TBC from First Baptist Church, Sevierville. The Salvation Bell is “a constant reminder” for Davis that for the tide to be turned, it has to start with local churches. He noted the bell will be rung in every county in 2014.

Pray for these rallies throughout the year. See next week’s Baptist and Reflector for complete coverage of the first week of “Praying Across Tennessee.”