A refreshing attitude

Bryson Allen-Williams is one of my favorite players at the University of South Carolina and he has never played a down.

What’s more, he may or may not become a great player, but I have the utmost respect for this young high school football player from Georgia.

Allen-Williams officially signed with South Carolina on National Signing Day on Feb. 5. He had been committed to the Gamecocks since last April.

For those who follow college football recruiting, a commitment a year ago means absolutely nothing until the player actually signs with the school on National Signing Day.

So naturally, players change their minds all the time. South Carolina had several players who committed to other schools who changed their minds and switched to USC at the last minute.

Allen-Williams had numerous opportunities to change his mind. He was recruited by the University of Alabama, which had the number one recruiting class in the nation according to most sources, but turned them down.

He was strongly pursued by his home state school, the University of Georgia. In fact, it appeared that as recently as Monday, Feb. 3, he might change his mind and commit to the Bulldogs. He watched the Super Bowl on Feb. 2 at the home of Mark Richt, the head coach at Georgia. They made a strong push for the high school linebacker.

But on signing day, Allen-Williams committed to the Gamecocks.

His rationale? He told The State newspaper in Columbia, “I gave my word.”

Wow, how often do you hear those words today from mature adults, much less a teenager who hasn’t even graduated high school?

Allen-Williams’ decision and statement should be an example for us as Christians. As Christians, our word should be as good as any signed contract. Scripture reminds us in Matthew 5:37 that our “yes should be yes and our no, no.”

Bryson Allen-Williams may become a superstar in college or he may be a total flop. Regardless, he will have my respect for remaining true to his word. May his tribe increase.

6 Responses to “A refreshing attitude”

  1. Will Beaty Says:

    Couldn’t agree more with you Lonnie. The day when a man’s handshake and his word was as good as any contract seems to be disappearing from American life. Congratulations to Bryson Allen-Williams!

  2. Martha Henard Says:

    Thank goodness there are young men who still believe in keeping their word..I’m with you in respecting Bryson Allen-Williams. The world’s viewpoint of success doesn’t agree with Bryson’s decision, it’s all about putting self first, but in my eyes he’s on his way to becoming very successful. Keep that mindset, Bryson!

  3. Rebecca Sanders Says:

    We need more (a lot more) individuals with this frame of mind!

  4. gkgagolf Says:

    great article LW , THX 4 sharing

    Don Smith

  5. John E. Rush Says:

    Thank you for the good word about our word! I, too, grew up with a man’s word as his bond; as they say, you could take it to the bank. May his tribe increase!!!!

  6. Cheryl Ann Conner Says:

    With all the bad news floating around it’s always good to hear something positive. Great to know that there are still good men left in this world that you can trust when they give their word on something. Thanks for sharing this story.

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