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Sunshine after the storm

April 30, 2014

Tennessee, along with several other states, was in the path of a deadly tornadoes which struck the week of April 27.

An F-3 tornado destroyed portions of Lincoln County late Monday evening, leaving two people dead and numerous homes destroyed or damaged.

Yet, the day after the storms, God showed He is still in control. A bright, almost hot, sun arose the next day as people took stock of the damage.

The real sunshine, however, was the response of people, rushing not only to aid their friends and neighbors but strangers as well and people, even those hardest hit. talking about how they prayed for protection and how God answered those prayers.

Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief was on the scene. David Acres, state DR director, delivered a loadof roofing tarps and supplies and TBC Executive Director Randy C. Davis was on the scene as well, ministering to families in need including Pastor Darrell Haney of Grace Falls Baptist Church. Pastor Haney not only saw his home severely damaged, he found his church building had been blown away, leaving only the slab and debris. Yet, he was quick to stress that “God’s hand” protected him and his family.

DR volunteers from William Carey Baptist Association were out in force, their yellow hats a witness to the volunteer spirit of Tennessee Baptists. Director of Missions Randy Maxwell served as a chaplain in the area, talking to families hardest hit by the violent storm.

Shortly after noon, the number of volunteers arriving in the Howell Hill community (where the church was located) had grown to the point that county officials had to limit their entry into the area. What a good problem to have!

We all have to deal with the storms of life. No one is immune. But isn’t it great to know that God always sends the sunshine as well. Continue to pray for the people of Lincoln County and in other states as well who lost family members and/or their homes.

To view photos from Lincoln County, visit the TBC Facebook page.

What we say does matter

April 3, 2014

Christians who may not think it matters what comes out of their their mouths may want to take a quick look at Matthew 12:36 which reminds us, “I tell you that on the day of judgment people will have to account for every careless word they speak” (Holman Christian Standard Bible).

What we say does matter.

Baptist Press ran an article entitled “Former atheist: ‘Life is better serving God’ on March 31.

The article, written by Rudy Gray, editor of the Baptist Courier in South Carolina, tells the story of Mike Rushton, a former atheist.

Rushton was taken to church by his mother as a youngster but his father saw no value in going to church and eventually Rushton followed the direction of his dad and stopped attending church as a teenager. At the age of 16 he went to work in a local cotton mill. At that point he noted that he “believed there was a God but I didn’t have any place in my life for Him.”

While working at the cotton mill, Rushton had a bad encounter with a woman who had taught his fourth grade Sunday School class. “I have been cussed out before, but I don’t believe any worse than she did,” Rushton said. “That had an impact on my life, and I remember it like it happened yesterday.”

He noted that he began to believe there was no difference between those who professed to be Christian and those who didn’t.

The words of that Sunday School teacher did matter.

While it was ultimately Rushton’s decision to drift from God, that Sunday School teacher was not a good witness.

The good news is that Rushton later gave his life to God and is now living for Him.

His story is a reminder that we, as Christians, must be constantly be on guard and choose wisely the words we use.

What we say does matter.