Sunshine after the storm

Tennessee, along with several other states, was in the path of a deadly tornadoes which struck the week of April 27.

An F-3 tornado destroyed portions of Lincoln County late Monday evening, leaving two people dead and numerous homes destroyed or damaged.

Yet, the day after the storms, God showed He is still in control. A bright, almost hot, sun arose the next day as people took stock of the damage.

The real sunshine, however, was the response of people, rushing not only to aid their friends and neighbors but strangers as well and people, even those hardest hit. talking about how they prayed for protection and how God answered those prayers.

Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief was on the scene. David Acres, state DR director, delivered a loadof roofing tarps and supplies and TBC Executive Director Randy C. Davis was on the scene as well, ministering to families in need including Pastor Darrell Haney of Grace Falls Baptist Church. Pastor Haney not only saw his home severely damaged, he found his church building had been blown away, leaving only the slab and debris. Yet, he was quick to stress that “God’s hand” protected him and his family.

DR volunteers from William Carey Baptist Association were out in force, their yellow hats a witness to the volunteer spirit of Tennessee Baptists. Director of Missions Randy Maxwell served as a chaplain in the area, talking to families hardest hit by the violent storm.

Shortly after noon, the number of volunteers arriving in the Howell Hill community (where the church was located) had grown to the point that county officials had to limit their entry into the area. What a good problem to have!

We all have to deal with the storms of life. No one is immune. But isn’t it great to know that God always sends the sunshine as well. Continue to pray for the people of Lincoln County and in other states as well who lost family members and/or their homes.

To view photos from Lincoln County, visit the TBC Facebook page.

2 Responses to “Sunshine after the storm”

  1. Michael Julian Says:

    Great post. I thank the Lord for all of our DR volunteers across the state.

  2. Russ Manger Says:

    Dear Lonnie: Your words remind us all that God is the one who is ultimately in control. In our modern world, many believe through technology and human endeavor that we don’t need God. Thank goodness He reminds us constantly that without Him, we are helpless and truly lacking. As scripture reminds us, when we are challenged and depend totally on Jesus, He will carry us through the trials of life and transform us into Christ’s image. Blessings!! Russ

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