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Don’t take your health for granted

January 28, 2015

Good health is a blessing that I fear we too often take for granted.

Though I am being treated for a heart-related issue and high cholesterol, I am in relatively good health for someone who will be 57 years old in a couple of weeks.

And though I may complain about an ache or pain occasionally, I know God has blessed me greatly with good health.

All I have to do is look around me. Two very close friends have just finished radiation treatments for cancer and one of them is still taking chemotherapy.

Just within the past few days I have learned of at least four or five friends or family members of friends who have been diagnosed with cancer or had strokes.

And while some things can’t be avoided, we bring some health issues on ourselves. For instance, my cholesterol might not be an issue if I shed the 20 or 30 pounds my doctor keeps telling me I need to lose. And, even if the cholesterol is hereditary, I would be much better off without the additional weight.

Randy C. Davis, executive director/treasurer of the Tennessee Baptist Convention, has written an excellent column in this week’s Baptist and Reflector, challenging ministers (and everyone for that matter) to lose 10 percent of their body weight in 2015.

Davis wrote, “The medical benefits of losing 10 percent of your body weight when you are overweight are well documented. Some of the obvious benefits are reduced stress on our joints and organs, especially our hearts.”

In his column Davis noted he has gone from “obese to overweight” and that his next goal is “chubby.”

So, he has issued the “Chubby Challenge.” I have taken the challenge and I would encourage others to do so as well, even if you only have a few pounds to lose.

Our health is too important to take for granted.

A timely gift for a needed ministry

January 15, 2015

On Jan. 15, the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Homes, based in Brentwood, received a timely gift for a vital and much needed ministry. See story.

George and Denise Shinn of Franklin gave TBCH a $1 million gift which will be used for the entity’s foster care program which was kicked off last year. While it is still in the early stages of development, some children already have been placed in foster homes across the state.

It is a needed ministry, worthy of Baptist involvement.

The erosion of the American family is real.

Fewer and fewer children are raised in the traditional family with both parents. In some cases, children live with one parent, grandparents, or other relatives.

Sadly, some children have nowhere to go and that is why good foster homes are critical. Children’s Rights, an organization based in New York, reports on its website that on any given day there are approximately 397,000 children in foster care in the United States. That is a staggering and tragic statistic.

Kudos to the Shinns and to Tennessee Baptist Children’s Homes for responding to this need. May their tribe increase.