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The sun came up on Saturday

June 29, 2015

I woke up Saturday (June 27)  and when the clouds moved away (it rained Friday night in Middle Tennessee), the sun was as bright and beautiful as ever.

That told me all I needed to know.

Despite the troubling news on Friday (June 26) that the Supreme Court had redefined the traditional, biblical view of marriage by ruling that states must recognize same-sex marriages, God is still on His throne.

That’s the message I heard proclaimed in the pulpit at Tulip Grove Baptist Church on Sunday and I imagined it was echoed thousands of times in pulpits all across Tennessee and our nation.

My initial thought was to develop a column based on the headline “Move Over Sodom and Gomorrah, You Have Company.”

But the more I thought about it, it just didn’t fit. Our nation joined the likes of Sodom and Gomorrah years ago while we slept and let abortion become the law of the land. We slept while we continued to elect government leaders who have led our nation on a downward spiral in terms of spirituality and morality.

So, are we really surprised by the Supreme Court’s ruling?

I’m saddened but not shocked.

Rest assured. The Supreme Court decision didn’t catch the God of the universe by surprise. He has had a master plan since He formed the world and it’s still in place.

It’s up to Christians to be included in His plan. At a time when the world appears to be cloaked in spirtual darkness, the light of Christ can shine brighter than ever.

It’s entirely up to us. We can bemoan what has happened or we can spring to action.

Due to when the announcement was made, most of the July 1 issue of the Baptist and Reflector was already complete.

Our July 15 issue will carry articles and columns designed to help our churches in the days ahead.

While God is on His throne, that does not mean Satan won’t stir up trouble for God’s churches and people. In baseball terms, Satan will throw his best fastball and curves against us.

Churches need to know how this decision will impact them and get their “houses in order” with bylaws and proper legal documents.

In the meantime, it can’t be business as usual. That’s what brought us to this place in history.

We have to be out front more than ever, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in a world growing darker by the hour. May our lights shine!

Say something nice — all the time

June 4, 2015

There must be a “Sunday” or a day of the week for just about every topic imaginable.

I just learned of a new one — “Say Something Nice Sunday” which happens to occur this year on June 7.

I can’t argue about the topic. It’s kind of ironic, however, that we would observe the day in church. If we are ever going to say something nice, isn’t that where it would be expected? I started to say that I have never heard a cross word in church, but I almost forgot I was a Baptist. Unfortunately, I have heard a few unkind words spoken at church over the course of my lifetime.

Say something nice to someone on Sunday, June 7, just for the fun of it. But also do it on Monday, June 8; Tuesday, June 9; Wednesday, June 10; you get the picture. Make it a daily habit.

Jesus did it. He expects it from us. Scripture reminds us: “And be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving one another, just as God also forgave you in Christ” (Ephesians 4:32, HCSB).