Taking a stand

In today’s society taking a stand for what’s right involves risk, whether it be for an individual, church, or organization.

Taking a stand today for Christian values and beliefs more than likely will pit you against culture or what’s popular.

Taking a stand often means you will become a target for those who want to label you as a bigot or hypocrite.

Christians today, however, need to step to the plate and take a stand regardless of the consequences.

It was refreshing to see one of our Tennessee Baptist institutions take such a stand just last week. Union University announced that it is withdrawing from the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU).

The CCCU apparently failed to take action against two member institutions that “are going along with the crowd” by endorsing same-sex marriage.

Membership in organizations such as the CCCU is voluntary. Let Union University President Dub Oliver and others on staff there know that you applaud them for taking a stand when some in the educational community no doubt will be critical.

May their tribe increase.



31 Responses to “Taking a stand”

  1. Dean Sisk Says:

    Amen! Thank you, Lonnie – and thank you, Union University!

  2. Doyle Combs Says:

    Well done, we need a lot more of this type of response.

  3. Linda Palm Says:

    Your forward thinking which is both biblical and morally correct I applaud you on your discussion…..just pray that others will follow and stand up for what is right. May God bless. Linda Palm

  4. Jim Says:

    Good! The Church has capitulated to culture so much that it is indeed unusual, and brave, to refuse to do so now.

  5. Dan Ferrell Says:

    May more of us stop being complacent and take a stand. I applaud you Union University.

  6. Vaida Leggett Says:

    Thanks be to God for Christians who stand on God’s word and are not ashamed to speak the Word.

  7. Bro Dave Says:

    It is sad that Christian organizations will not stand for the Word of God. However, their cowering is not unexpected. Way to go Bro Dub and Union University!! In the end, He wins!

  8. John E. Rush Says:

    I applaud the president and Union University for their biblical stand on the Bible; may their tribe increase, indeed!!!

  9. Faye Nolen Says:

    I applaud your stand! As Christians we all need to do the same, having done all, to stand. May God bless your school and may you see His blessings on you.

  10. John Reed Says:

    I am proud of the stand taken by Union University. It is an affirmation by Union that they stand on the Word of God and will not compromise to follow the crowd. May this be a straw that breaks our Christian backs – we will not be lukewarm as a church, but boldly stand for His Word in a world that will try to shout us down.

  11. chuck213 Says:

    This is what makes Union University stand out in my mind – a willingness to be Biblical in spite of what other institutions are doing. Thank you Union and thank God for their courage!

  12. Clyde Says:

    The line is clear in the sand. Are you on the side of God and His Word or are you an enemy of God? Choose this day who you will serve. God and His word has never and will never condone a sinful lifestyle.

  13. Ethelene Says:

    May God keep our eyes open and may the Holy Spirit guide us in knowing when to say no.

  14. Frank Williams Says:

    Great! Withdraw!. But let’s also tell the world that collectively judges and others like them have reprobate minds. May we not bow down to Caesar.

  15. wephillipsj Says:

    Bucky Phillips Says:
    It’s encouraging to see someone in academia take a stand for Biblical standards as opposed to going along with culture just because it’s politically correct, while morally reprehensible to do so. I only wish my so-called “Christian” alma mater would have done so when it had the opportunity, rather than caving to the world’s standards.

  16. Carol Stinnett Says:

    We must stand on the word of God and not change it to fit into today’s political correct way of thinking. If we do not do this what are we showing our children Stand Strong in our Faith

  17. Letha Barnes Says:

    Thank you to Union University for taking the stand you did. May God bless you as you continue to stand for Christian values!

  18. James Sauceman Says:

    It’s refreshing to know that Union University is taking a stand against the ills of this society and standing up for the word of God. May God bless what you are doing.

  19. Ivan Raley Says:

    Thanks, you are doing a great job…

  20. Doyle Broome Says:

    Thanks Union for taking a stand with scriptural backing.

  21. Judy lusk Says:

    It is refreshing and encouraging to hear the stand that Union University has taken and we know there will be fall out but stand strong trust God and good will prevail

  22. Big Al Says:

    Good for you, Union!

  23. Tammie Patterson Says:

    Thank you for taking a stand! Christians must stand for what is right!

  24. Kathleen Tidwell Pendergrass, Mt. Zion Baptist Church Says:

    Thank you for taking a stand on this issue. A long time ago, someone said, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

  25. Linda Pickell Says:

    Thank you Union University. May God give us the spiritual power to withstand this onslaught of our christian values.

  26. denise huckaba Says:

    Thank you for taking a stand. Our college students need to see we will stand for christian values.not merely talk..

  27. Patty Says:

    I wish there were more churches, colleges that would take a stand. Today it seems easier to go with the flow rather than have confrontations. That goes for pastors, church leaders, deacons, etc.

  28. Beverly Blackard Says:

    Bravo Union! It is time Christians take a stand. Too many who say they are Christians are not living up to their commitment to Christ. They live for the world. Thank you for taking the stand that God is the Creator of man and woman and the sanctity of marriage between them.

  29. Schari Malone Says:

    well done. more people need to stand up for what is right

  30. Johnny James Says:

    Johnny James Says: Amen! Praise the Lord!

  31. Gordon jones Says:

    Thank you and bless you Union University for letting the public know that we Christians believe what the Bible says and we can no longer sit on the back row and not express our beliefs. Time”s up

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