A sign of the times

I was glancing over Baptist Press this week and saw an announcement they posted from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The seminary is co-sponsoring a conference on transgenderism on Oct. 5 on its campus in Louisville, Ky.

When I began working with the denomination 35 years ago, I never dreamed I would one day have to write about transgenders, homosexuals, etc. Those were the days when people’s sexual preferences stayed “in the closet.” It was nobody’s business and everyone liked it that way.

Times have changed — and certainly not for the best.

The conference by Southern Seminary is just another sign of the times. Heath Lambert, executive director of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors and one of the speakers for the conference, observed, “Christians today are confronting issues that would have been unfathomable even a decade ago.” So very true.

But, like same-sex marriage, movements are underway to “normalize” transgender behaviors. We have schools that are already allowing transgenders to use the rest room of their “chosen” sex without regards to the feelings of those who legitimately belong in those rooms. Transgenders want tax dollars for their transgender surgeries. It’s only to get worse.

I applaud Southern for taking a step in addressing an issue that ultimately will be further ingrained in our culture and will eventually filter down to our churches. It’s just sad to see valuable time be spent on an issue that shouldn’t even be on our radar.

Heaven help our nation. God is truly our only hope.

5 Responses to “A sign of the times”

  1. Marty Medford Says:

    Perilous times are here ~~ we must take a stand for Biblical truth regardless of persecution or other injustice that may come our way. May God help us to stand faithful to Him.

  2. Joy Bernardo Says:

    Marty you are so right.

  3. Chris Headley Says:

    As a conservative, Bible believing Christian, I understand the fear in your statement — the world is changing rapidly and generally not for the better. We can see it coming from a mile away that transgenders will be fighting hard to normalize their position in society.

    BUT, I still hope that you will reconsider this entire story/blog post. The truth is that the church has always had to respond to a changing culture. The thesis of your article seems to be “Why should we waste time and money on these people?” I’ll tell you why. They are broken and in need of the saving Grace of Jesus Christ.

    In your article, you went so far as to say “It’s just sad to see valuable time spent on an issue that shouldn’t even be on our radar.” I can almost hear whispers of the Pharisees saying the same thing to Jesus — “Why is he wasting his time on those thieves, prostitutes and tax collectors?”

    Lonnie, please reconsider your words.

    Together in His Service
    Chris Headley

  4. Patricia Chauncey-Hutchison Says:

    You are both right. Gary & I are blessed with a Pastor that goes by the Bible & not the “stuff going on today”. We at Gill’s Chapel Baptist Church in Mooresburg, TN are “backward” we still like the way people were before they -opened the closets-. There is not enough room on the entire computer for me to start getting into Gay’s & Lesbians, same sex marriages, or adoptions by SSM people.

  5. Kristel Headley Says:

    I struggle to find the intersection of grace and truth in your article – an intersection to which we are all called as believers. I am saddened to see such blatantly hateful, discriminatory language used in a Tennessee Baptist publication. First and foremost, there are not “homosexuals” and “transgenders.” There are people, created in the image of God, people who are deeply loved by a holy and righteous God. And if I have to leave my comfort zone to learn how to minister to them, then I will beg God for the courage to do exactly that.

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